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State of the Cloud 2019

Now that 2020 is upon us, I thought it might be a good idea to generate some statistics about the Nectar Cloud for 2019. Instances In 2019, Nectar Cloud ran a total of 70,371 instances. VCPU time These instances ran for a total of 9,203,375 days, 19 hours 17 minutes and 59 seconds of VCPU time [1]. That is around 25,214 VCPU years! The mean VCPU time is about 130 days . The mode VCPU time is 365 days , which means there were lots of single core instances running through the year. Flavour The most popular flavour is m2.large (4 VCPU). There were 26,750 of such instances. End Statistics were generated from Gnocchi . Nectar logs the start/end times of each instance in Gnocchi, as well as a host of other data. As a Nectar user, you can use the Gnocchi API to access metrics for your resources. Let me know if this has been interesting, or if there are any other stats you want to see! Footnote 1. VCPU time is (Number of VCPU) * (Running time). For example, if an in