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A brief history of OVN migration

We are currently undertaking an upgrade of the Software Defined Networking (SDN) for the Nectar Research Cloud. History Nectar Cloud SDN is currently powered by MidoNet . We started off using this project in around 2016 to provide Advance Networking capabilities. Unfortunately, in 2019 Sony purchased Midokura , the company that wrote MidoNet. MidoNet then became unmaintained. Lucky for us, it is opensource, so Nectar could continue using it and we have been maintaining it since. However, the feature set and integration of MidoNet with the rest of OpenStack components drift further and further with each upgrade, and it will be a pointless endeavour carrying MidoNet forever. Fortunately there is hope. The team at Open vSwitch , decided to work with OpenStack to create a project named  OVN (Open Virtual Network) . Open vSwitch is a popular virtual switch software running on Linux to provide many networking capabilities . The OVN project will create a software which will provide the L2 and